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Sadly it seems that furniture repairs, usually comes down to chair repairs.  There are several reasons for this but mostly it comes down to the following: 1 there tend to be more chairs than any other furniture element,  2 chairs are the most difficult furniture element to design and built,  3 chairs are generally subjected to much higher loads and stresses than any other kinds of furniture and  lastly, 4 there is usually a desire to make chairs as light weight as possible which is in direct conflict with the previous considerations.  

Out of respect for those people who specialize in upholstery and  refinishing and have the specialized equipment and skill for those tasks, I prefer to focus on the carpentry aspects.  Although I can, of course, recommend some excellent practitioners of the other trades.

Following are interesting projects from the last couple of years.  Hope you find them interesting.

Furniture Repairs

Furniture repair. Antique rocking chair repair.

Family Heirlooms

Calgary is a very harsh environment on wooden furniture.  The reason for this is that we have very low humidity for most of the year coupled with spikes in humidity for small periods - usually in the spring and our compulsive but intermittent use of humidification systems to combat the problem.  Wood will shrink and expand on an ongoing basis to try and always be in equilibrium with it's environment.  The dryness, coupled with these micro movements plays havoc with glued joints.

Fortunately, the glues of today are much better than the glues from 50-200yrs ago and the repair can usually be easily done.

Furniture Repair, Dining Chair Repair.  Frame rebuild and repair

Antique Shops, Garage Sales & Sentamentality

Furniture pieces always come with histories, and frequently the histories are as or more interesting that the pieces themselves.  I don't know the histories of all the pieces I work on but they often present with  problems that make speculations rich with possibility.

    The chair beside came to me with all the rail tops disintegrated.  In addition the joint repairs  the tops all had to be rebuilt - a very interesting project.

Furniture Repair, Rustic live-edge stool repair.

Making Something from Nothing

A client I've done a lot of work for brought me a box full of log pieces.  A friend had make him this live wood stool,  Someone sat on it and it collapsed - could I fix it?  He showed me how he thought the pieces went together and said there was no hurray - good thing!

After a couple of weeks, I gave his this - he still uses it daily!

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