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Hand Crafted Heirloom Furniture

 I’m a maker of the very  best custom designed Arts & Crafts style furniture available in Calgary. If you would like me to build a piece or an entire suite, please contact me. 

 I have a number of standard designs or pieces can be customized to suit  your requirements. In addition, I can do custom design or work from  pictures, plans or catalogues. Take a look around and let me know what  you think. Thank you. 

Furniture Repairs

Have a treasured heirloom of your own or a great garge sale find in need of some TLC - I can usually help.  

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Email some photos of what you want to build or repair along with your contact information and I'll be glad to give you an estimate.


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We love our customers, but I'm probably in the shop working, so please feel free to leave a message at the 247# or text me at the 680# -I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Gosh, I might even have the Wood Fired Pizza Oven going.  



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Morris Chair and Stool

Hand made Arts and Crafts style Spindle Morris Chair and stool. Arts & Crafts Furniture.

 This was my first Arts & Crafts project. I learned a lot building this.    This chair has been in       daily use for over 25 years and looks as good if not better and is more       comfortable than when it was new (when this picture was taken.) Here are     some additional photos and some particular points of interest. 

Spindle Morris Chair

Hand made Arts and Crafts style Spindle Morris Chair, leather upholstery. Arts & Crafts Furniture.

 Side Profile - note how the rails have a 1" slope from     front to back, this creates a subtle yet interesting look. 

Chair Adjustment Method

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Morris chair back adjustment mechanism.

So easy to adjust the back tilt angle - just pop out the support peg and place it in a different hole. Repeat for the other side.

(With a little dexterity and practice, you'll be able to master it without leaving your seat.)

Bow Arm Chair

Bow Ar Chair, Arts and Crafts Furniture, Hand made heirloom. Leather upholstery

This is a lovely style variation on the Spindle Morris Chair.  It features the smooth sweeping arms and a more elegant and elaborate side panel section.  It also has a matching foot stool with similar detailing.

Book Matched Arms

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Book matched chair arms, hand made. heirloom.

I was quite proud of this chair's arms, notice how I was able to book match the Left and right arms to  almost perfect mirror images.

Back adjustment uses the same mechanism as the Spindle Morris chair shown above. 

You won't find chair arms like this coming from a factory in China!

Bow Arm Stool

Matching Bow Arm Stool.  Upholstery would normally match the chair. 

Table Lamp

Elegant Table Lamp, Arts and Crafts Furniture, hand made, heirloom quality.

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Table Lamp Details

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Table Lamp details, White Oak, custom hand made, heirloom

This little table has more finesse and subtle detail than most other Arts & Crafts products.  Note especially how the post corbels flow into the base with its angled tapered base.  I love this piece.

Floor Lamp

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Floor Lamp with Stain Glass Shade, Hand made, heirloom.

This floor lamp is another classic  A & C piece that marries two disciplines - wood working and stained glass. I had this shade custom made by a lady who lives not far away,  A wide range of shades are available from lighting stores and stain glass artisans in your area.

Floor Lamp Details -1

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Floor Lamp Base Details, custom hand made, heirloom

The lamp is a collection of elements held together by the electrical conduit running up the center.  The bulb location and height can easity be adjusted to suite the shad of your choice. This base is solid wood to better provide weight and stability to the lamp.

Floor Lamp Details -2

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Floor Lamp Details, custom hand made, heirloom

The Arts and Crafts style column is tapered from bottom to top and features fluted faces.  The top is completed with a beveled crown.

Cocktail Table

Arts and Crafts Furniture, Cocktail Table or Coffee Table, custom hand-made, heirloom

At 48"(122cm) x 36"(91.5cm) this is a beast of a table, but it's also probably the most used piece of furniture in the house.   I love the design, expecially the large lower level - great for storing table books, chess set etc.  

Fortunately the size can be changed almost infinitely - your choice.

Wall MIrror

Arts and Crafts Furniture, Calgary, Wall Mirror, 36" wide 27" high, custom hand made, heirloom.

 It's a good sized piece measuring 36" wide x 27" high with a mirror surface 29" wide x 19" high. Either by itself or flanked with a pair of wall sconces, this mirror will make an attractive addition to any wall. Although finished  with varnish, this piece would also look great, maybe even better depending  on taste, with an oil finish.  

Mirror Corner Detail

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Wall Mirror Corner Details, Ray Fleck, hand made, heirloom quality.

The top rail on this mirror has some of the prettiest ray-fleck I've seen.  I also love the gentle sweeps and subtle corner details of this piece.  Size can be adjusted as required.

Mirror Variations

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Mirror variations.

Lots of variations are possilbe with mirrors, we can customise to suit almost any need.

Prairie Spindle Settle

Arts & Crafts Furniture, Prairie Spindle Settle, custom hand made, heirloom. quartersawn white oak

If you need a snooze after dinner or great place to chat with friends, this is the instrument of choice.  At 7ft long it easitly accomodates 3 people anyone 6'2" for that snooze.  The finished back panels look great in an open room.

Prairie Spindle Chair

If you have the room these Chairs perfectly complement Prairie Settle

Rustic Settle

Arts and Crafts Furniture, Rustic Settle, custom hand made,quartersawn white oak, heirloom.

A simpler more rustic design for this Settle. Perfect for your  home in the mountains.  Matching chairs also available.

Open Display Bookshelves - Custom Design

This was a really fun project.  A Client who is an avid art collector, wanted a set of shelves to display his very large collection of art book and several of his smaller are pieces.  He had very specific dimensions for the piece and wanted a certain flair but nothing that would overwhelm the art.

After numerous iterations we settled on this design.  Mostly classic Arts and Crafts style but with several Greene & Greene touches added to the backside stretches (shown here and so as not to be too dominant.)

One on these on each side of the glass double doors entering into his art room was perfect.

Open Display Shelves. Arts & Crafts Style with Greene & Greene Highlights

Open Display Shelves. Arts & Crafts Style with Greene & Greene Highlights

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, but I'm probably in the shop working.  Please phone the number below and leave me a message.


White Oak Furniture

7 Silver Ridge Rise NW, Calgary, AB T3B 4P6, CA

(403) 247-2447